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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Log Shipping' started by Jackson, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Jackson New Member

    Hi ,
    Can we do log shipping between MSSQL 2000 and MSQL 2005?
  2. preethi Member

    As no one has answered this post, I am trying to share my limited knowledge.
    From the principles of Log shipping, you can't have SQL 2005 as a primary server and log ship to SQL 2000, as initial backup (of SQl 2005 database) itself cannot be restored into SQL 2000.
    From SQL 2000 to SQL 2005, you may be able to do theoratically, but you need to do the hard work to write all the scripts. The reason is, the wizard provided by SQL 2000 will not connect to SQL 2005. Also, whenever you face a problem, you need to work it out in the same way you created with SQL 2000.
    Books online of SQL 2005, says you need to use a version of SQL 2005.
    If Iam in your position, I may try to setup in my PC just to learn things, but will not do in production environment.
  3. Jackson New Member

    Hi Preethi,
    Thanks a lot for your answers to my Questions. I have one more question. Can you please, suggest me some good ways to avoid locking and blocking? I will
    really appreciate it.

  4. preethi Member

    This forum is full of tips for you to look. (Please refer the tips section for more details).
    A couple of things I like to stress:
    • Keep a transaction as simple as possible. DOnt include Temp table creation and inserts to Temp tables within a transaction. Use it only for minimal use.
      • Never connect many tables in a single join. This also includes joining the same table twice. Especially if your tables are big or heavily used, try to reduce them as much as possible 9I use temp tables for this purpose)
        • Retreive only the ifnrmation you need: Avoid selecting all columns and unnecessary data
          • Dont load the database with business logic and UI requirements unnecesary. If you have full name in the database and if you want to have Name with initials Don't construct it (using UPPER, LOWER, CHARINDEX, LEFT, SUBSTRING, LEN and any other String functions available) at the database. Just trawnsfer the data and let the applcaition transform the data it wants to display.
            • Remove unnecesasry Order by, Group By and having clauses.
              • Update tables ina particular order as much as possible.
              • Man, It looks like there are many things come into my mind. Please seach in the tips. You will get a full list.
  5. Jackson New Member

    Hi Preethi,
    Thanks again and I have one more question . Can you tell me that if any application is running slow because of MSSQL server database, how can we fix it.
  6. preethi Member

    This Question is very vague. There could be many reasons for for an application to get slower. Slow network connection, poorly written applciation code, not keeping the right balance between number of roundtrips and task, poorly written SQL code, Slow or not enough Hard disks, Not enough memory, Not enough, slwo CPU, Poorly configured Server Settings, and many more. This site carried out a series of articles a few years ago. (I can't remember the title, but something connected to "Checklist"
    You can use profiler and PerfMon to capture whwts is happening on the server and identify the possible component. Based on your identification of the cause, you need to fix it.

    Just a request: When you post a question on new topic, please try to start a new thread. It is easy for many perople to see and answer and also easy for people who are searching for similar post to find quick answer. This thread talks about log shipping, Blocking and slow application, but is recorded as Log Shipping in the thread.

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