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Maint. Plan changing DB to single_user?

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by Sammitch, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Sammitch New Member

    I've got a SQL Server 2000 box [8.0.2039] with anumber of databases generally behaving themselves, but one that seemsto get thrown into SINGLE_USER mode when the maintenance plan runs. It doesn't happen all the time, it's about a 50/50 chance every week.

    Is it possible that "Check Database Integrity" + "Include indexes" +"Attempt to repair any minor problems." is trying to put the databaseinto single-user mode before the fix and failing to bring it back out?

  2. ghemant Moderator

    Yes, if you say "Attempt to repair any minor problems" it will put your database into single user mode. Uncheck the attempt to repair option and observe the job!
  3. Sammitch New Member

    Thanks ghemant, I've put this DB into its own maintenance plan with the repair options. I'll keep an eye on it over the next few weeks and see if that has solved the problem. [Y]
  4. ghemant Moderator

    Thanks for the update!

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