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Maintenance: Is It Worth It?

Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    As SQL Server 2000 is no longer in Mainstream Support, a lot of companies are starting to question the value of extended support. Sure, if they find a new bug or if they need to log a case with Microsoft then extended support provides peace of mind, but honestly when was the last time you came across a problem with SQL Server 2000 that you could not resolve?
    The long lead time between SQL Server 2000 and 2005 meant that many people who bought Software Assurance (SA) still have a bad taste in their mouth, as they were potentially in a position that paying for SA to take advantage of the upgrade rights could actually have cost them money rather than save them money. Although SA provides other benefits such as training and support, are these really worth the additional cost? I think that maintenance in the software industry is one area were organizations are looking to cut costs. Historically companies would buy a software product and then continue to pay the standard 20-40% maintenance and support invoice each year when it arrived. However, with the current economic conditions, I am finding that maintenance and support contracts are now another area where costs are being reduced as companies are using older versions of products for longer and are prepared to pay per incident if they require support. Does your organization purchase extended maintenance and support when they buy software, or are they prepared to discover what it is like?
    - Peter Ward
  2. Greg Larsen New Member

    This is a very interesting editorial. I think we all like the warm fuzzy feeling of having software vendor support. But in reality how often do we use it. I'm not sure we ever really get our monies worth. But piece of mind is worth something. I kind of think of it like an insurance policy. If I need it I'm glad I have it.
  3. walkair New Member

    Completely agree with Greg - this is under the category of just-in-case cases. However, this could be a different story for companies with a limited budget. At the bottom line, it's a process of evaluation budget - peace-of-mind > 0 The bigger the budget, the bigger peace-of-mind you can afford.

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