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Matrix Detail expression

Discussion in 'SQL Server Reporting Services' started by whygh, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. whygh New Member

    Hi all,

    I need to create one report using Reporting Service.
    Dataset like this:
    ActionDate ,ActionName , ActionData
    Jan-06Number of Page Impressions11410.0
    Jan-06Number of Visits3599.0
    Jan-06Average Visit Length7.6388888888888886E-3
    Jan-06Number of Page Impressions24572.0
    Jan-06Number of Visits10116.0
    Jan-06Average Visit Length4.3750000000000004E-3
    Feb-06Number of Page Impressions10035.0
    Feb-06Number of Visits3297.0
    Feb-06Average Visit Length6.6319444444444446E-3
    Feb-06Number of Page Impressions16559.0
    Feb-06Number of Visits6733.0
    Feb-06Average Visit Length4.4560185185185189E-3
    Mar-06Number of Page Impressions14474.0
    Mar-06Number of Visits3391.0
    Mar-06Average Visit Length8.611111111111111E-3
    Mar-06Number of Page Impressions24795.0
    Mar-06Number of Visits9832.0
    Mar-06Average Visit Length3.9467592592592592E-3
    Apr-06Number of Page Impressions14208.0
    Apr-06Number of Visits2864.0
    Apr-06Average Visit Length9.1550925925925931E-3
    Apr-06Number of Page Impressions18700.0
    Apr-06Number of Visits6871.0
    Apr-06Average Visit Length4.2013888888888891E-3
    May-06Number of Page Impressions12406.0
    May-06Number of Visits2841.0
    May-06Average Visit Length9.5833333333333326E-3
    May-06Number of Page Impressions14055.0
    May-06Number of Visits5924.0
    May-06Average Visit Length3.8310185185185188E-3
    Jun-06Number of Page Impressions8761.0
    Jun-06Number of Visits2937.0
    Jun-06Average Visit Length9.5486111111111119E-3
    Jul-06Number of Page Impressions6135.0
    Jul-06Number of Visits2688.0
    Jul-06Average Visit Length5.0578703703703706E-3
    Jul-06Number of Page Impressions10951.0
    Jul-06Number of Visits4855.0
    Jul-06Average Visit Length3.449074074074074E-3
    Aug-06Number of Page Impressions5696.0
    Aug-06Number of Visits2458.0
    Aug-06Average Visit Length5.4976851851851853E-3
    Aug-06Number of Page Impressions11098.0
    Aug-06Number of Visits4049.0
    Aug-06Average Visit Length4.1666666666666666E-3
    Sep-06Number of Page Impressions4980.0
    Sep-06Number of Visits2352.0
    Sep-06Average Visit Length5.7407407407407407E-3
    Jun-06Number of Page Impressions11896.0
    Jun-06Number of Visits4643.0
    Jun-06Average Visit Length4.7569444444444447E-3
    Sep-06Number of Page Impressions7490.0
    Sep-06Number of Visits3251.0
    Sep-06Average Visit Length6.2384259259259259E-3
    Oct-06Number of Page Impressions7937.0
    Oct-06Number of Visits3339.0
    Oct-06Average Visit Length1.0335648148148148E-2
    Oct-06Number of Page Impressions16855.0
    Oct-06Number of Visits7747.0
    Oct-06Average Visit Length4.8611111111111112E-3
    Nov-06Number of Page Impressions8417.0
    Nov-06Number of Visits3302.0
    Nov-06Average Visit Length8.564814814814815E-3
    Nov-06Number of Page Impressions12284.0
    Nov-06Number of Visits6014.0
    Nov-06Average Visit Length6.3541666666666668E-3

    Report Format:
    ActionDate(Column) Total
    ActionName(Row) ActionData(Detail)

    For ActionData, If ActionName="Number of Page Impressions" or "Number of Visits" then
    sum() else avg()

    How do i write this expression?


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