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Memory issue?

Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for DBAs' started by rerichards, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. rerichards New Member

    I am running SQL 2K enterprise having 8GB RAM, with AWE enabled, using the 3GB/PAE switch in the boot.ini. Fixed memory is set at 6079MB. I returned the
    following performance counters and was hoping somebody could tell me if there
    are any signs of memory bottlenecks. I was curious among other things about the Total and Target memory counter values being the same. The values specified are in the order of Average, Minimum, and Maximum.

    Memory: Pages/sec1, 0, 34
    Memory: Available MB1246, 1232, 1266
    Memory: Page Faults/sec433, 99, 4252
    SQL Server Buffer Manager: Buffer Cache Hit Ratio99.820, 99.805, 99.832
    SQL Server Buffer Manager: Free Pages36453, 26288, 37214
    SQL Server Memory Manager: Memory Grants Pending0, 0, 0
    SQL Server Memory Manager: Target Server Memory (KB) 6276405, 6276344, 6276698
    SQL Server Memory Manager: Total Server Memory (KB)6276405, 6276344, 6276698
  2. joechang New Member

    ignore memory page faults, its not important
    only track pages/sec in memory, the average should be very low,

    also, watching memory counters tells you absolutely nothing about whether you have a memory bottleneck,
    rather watch disk reads & writes /sec versus memory,
    ie, try setting max SQL mem to 4093 for 1 day, logging the disk counters, then 5119, 6143 & 7167,

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