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Memory Utilization High in Production Server

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning for DBAs' started by visa, Apr 20, 2012.

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    My Company IT manager Send to us the below : [ SQL server 2005]

    Currently our SQL production server handling 809440 pages, which required 6.5GB memory.

    8KB_Pages Pages_in_KB Pages_in_MB

    809440 6475520.000000 6323.750000000

    Here below the page count for each database
    Clean master 115
    Dirty master 3
    Clean tempdb 3737
    Dirty tempdb 1208
    Clean model 18
    Dirty model 3
    Clean msdb 1888
    Dirty msdb 196
    Clean testdb1 14369
    Dirty testdb1 55
    Clean testdb2 18723
    Dirty testdb2 1018
    Clean testdb3 121
    Dirty testdb3 192
    Clean testdb4 10884
    Dirty testdb4 3
    Clean testdb5 22
    Dirty testdb5 3
    Clean testdb6 1699
    Dirty testdb6 4258
    Clean testdb7 10458
    Dirty testdb7 3
    Clean testdb8 3584
    Dirty testdb8 3
    Clean testdb9 1021
    Dirty testdb9 3
    Clean testdb10 7552
    Dirty testdb10 788
    Clean testdb11 16487
    Dirty testdb11 391
    Clean testdb12 158
    Dirty testdb12 3
    Clean testdb13 20187
    Dirty testdb13 1949
    Clean testdb14 5533
    Dirty testdb14 3
    Clean testdb15 3430
    Dirty testdb15 3
    Clean testdb16 45734
    Dirty testdb16 5
    Clean testdb17 8043
    Dirty testdb17 1052
    Clean testdb18 27
    Dirty testdb18 3 and etc

    and They informed "Summary of Condition: Memory Utilization High".

    So i have used the below query to check which db + table wise highly uses the buffer pool

    SELECT count(*)AS cached_pages_count ,CASE database_id WHEN 32767 THEN 'ResourceDb' ELSE db_name(database_id) END AS Database_name FROM sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors GROUP BY db_name(database_id) ,database_id ORDER BY cached_pages_count DESC

    SELECT count(*)AS cached_pages_count ,name ,index_id FROM sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors AS bd INNER JOIN ( SELECT object_name(object_id) AS name ,index_id ,allocation_unit_id FROM sys.allocation_units AS au INNER JOIN sys.partitions AS p ON au.container_id = p.hobt_id AND (au.type = 1 OR au.type = 3) UNION ALL SELECT object_name(object_id) AS name ,index_id, allocation_unit_id FROM sys.allocation_units AS au INNER JOIN sys.partitions AS p ON au.container_id = p.partition_id AND au.type = 2 ) AS obj ON bd.allocation_unit_id = obj.allocation_unit_id WHERE database_id = db_id() GROUP BY name, index_id ORDER BY cached_pages_count DESC

    after that i dont know what are things i have to do. So please guide for my scenario. Or if i am going wrong Please guide me what are things i have to check and do.

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