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Missing Parameter - @MSp2pPostVersion

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Replication' started by Righteousman, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Righteousman New Member

    We have the following replication scenario:
    2 master servers that are involved in P2P communications. We'll call these Server A and Server B. Both of these servers have a P2P publication and subscription to each other. All of this is working fine.
    Server A and Server B each have another transactional replication publication.
    Two other servers (Server C and Server D) are subscribers to the transactional publication on Server A. These servers act as read only servers.
    Replication to Server C and Server D fail with an error indicating that the "sp_MSins_dbo..." procedures are being called with too many parameters. When I run a trace I see that Server A is trying to call this sproc on Server C and Server D with the @MSp2pPostVersion parameter which doesn't exist. The parameter @MSp2pPostVersion is used for peer to peer replication, but Server C and D aren't involved in that so I don't get why they would be called with that parameter.
    If we manually edit the replications procs on Server C and D and add this parameter then it works perfectly but this seems like a huge hack.
    Is there any way for Peer to Peer replication to co-exist peacefully with regular transactional replication?
    Hopefully this makes sense to everyone.
    Thanks for any feedback!
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