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    Sorry - could you move this to the appropriate Software forum? I accidentially put it under Hardware. Thanks!

    Forum: SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning for Hardware
    Posted: Aug 3, 1:39 AM [GMT -8]
    Post Subject: Is 64 bit reliable?
    Post author: vich
    Upgrade time. Considering going 64 bit Windows 2003 + 64 bit SQL Server 2005 (Standard) on a single quad-core IBM box with 8GB RAM. I'm concerned that 64 bit SQL Server is too new to trust.
    My alternative: Get 32 bit versions that allow AWE Memory on the same box.
    Suggestions? Advice?
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    I think is in the correct forum.
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    [:D] I have moved from there to here, and already it is discussed on other thread.

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