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My old laptop is faster then my PROD :)

Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for Hardware Configurations' started by Simpler, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Simpler New Member

    Take the script I provide and execute it several times on any database. Take the best result (it returns the elapsed time in ms)

    On my old laptop I get about 600ms. On the best PROD server I had 430ms - but it was with a standard RAID drives.

    On any SAN EMC system it was a real nightmare. 800, 900, in some cases 1800ms!

    Yes, I know why: because SAN EMC and other companies like it have a very good marketing. They manipulate with throughput numbers, but for SQL server, especially for the OLTP systems, reactivity is much more important.

    They claim that 'our IO systems are so smart, that you can put LOG and FILES on the same drive'. And usually, there is no choice.

    People who buy servers are hosting listen to that marketing blah-blah-blah and we, DBAs, need much later deal with high Disk Queue values.

    If you can , provide the execution times of my script here. May be you have a good IO system and I was just so unlucky?

    set nocount onGOcreate table _Ptest (n int identity, k int not null, v varchar(128))GOinsert into _Ptest (k,v) select 1, 'this is a test'GOdeclare @t datetime, @n intset @t=getdate()set @n=16while @n>0 begin insert into _Ptest (k,v) select k+n,v from _Ptest set @n=@n-1 endcheckpointselect datediff(ms,@t,getdate())GOdrop table _Ptest
  2. satya Moderator

    Have you collected the stats such as execution plan, number of processes while running this on the live server, that will do better if you can come up with such analysis.
  3. Simpler New Member

    The execution plan is very simple, just check what I do in the script. Every time the number of records is doubled.
    Of course, I executed it during the 'quiet' time when there is amost no activity on thre products.

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