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Need an Excuse to Visit Canada? Check Out DevTeach/SQLTeach in Vancouver, BC

Discussion in 'Brad M McGehee' started by bradmcgehee, Sep 22, 2007.

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    DevTeach, and its accompanying SQLTeach conference, will be taking place in Vancouver, BC this upcoming November 26-30, 2007. This conference offers 119 different sessions (75 min. each) presented in 7 rooms over three days. The sessions include both .Net development and SQL Server topics. This means that you can only see 17 sessions out of 119 because 6 sessions are given daily in each room. With these numerous choices of subjects, you can build your schedule with the subjects that are more relevant to your job. Each session provides you with downloadable material and code sample.
    I will be presenting at SQLTeach myself, and you can check out my sessions at: http://www.sqlteach.com/Speaker.aspx For more information on the event, check out: http://www.sqlteach.com Just because the event is held in Canada should not keep you from coming. The event is attended by many people from the United States. In fact, when I attended SQLTeach last time, I meet a DBA from Hawaii who flew all the way just to attend. It is definitely an international event.
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