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Need help with changelog structure...

Discussion in 'Analysis Services/Data Warehousing' started by ricksen, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. ricksen New Member

    Hi, need help with a structure...

    I want to create a changelog, that somehow stores information about changes that were made on customer information recordset. The process should act as a kind of transaction log to reconstruct any customer information and trace back for statistical lineup. So, if I had a customer as follows:

    created7/19/04 12:00

    ...and someone edited this Information, i.e. set the Name to "Pimp", I want to log this action, to restore on demand. I just thought on something like this entry:

    7/19/04 12:00t_customerNamePim
    7/19/04 12:00t_customerForenamePeter
    7/19/04 12:00t_customerAgePimp
    7/19/04 12:00t_customercreated7/19/04 12:00
    7/20/04 12:00t_customerNamePimp<-- Update customer info

    But this method seems not to be very effective to me =) In fact these informations are high frequently accessed and edited. And if I think of backtracking about 30k interest informations back to the first of april 2003, this can take some time. At least a statistical analysis can be driven via OLAP, but if someone wants information, the cubes can't offer, there's no chances to reassemble the lost infos.

    Has anyone a clue? Productive system is driven on W2K/SQL2000/IIS5/.Net1.1!
    Thanks in advice...


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