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  1. vinodk_patel New Member


    I am facing problem of performance. My database is no too much big. its arouns 4 GB

    I have check CPU,MEMORY and I/O. It's looks ok.

    but i have some doubt in network problem

    I have get the conters for Network Interface as below

    Network InterfaceHP NC7771 Gigabit MS TCP Loopback
    Server Adapterinterface

    Bytes Total/sec 1537.400183.477
    Current bandwidth100000000010000000.000
    Packets received/sec5.6361.216
    Packet sent/ sec 4.3491.216

    can any body help me to figure out the problem.
    Your valuable help will highly appriciated.


  2. satya Moderator

    What do you mean looks ok, are they high or constant during quite period and busy period?
    Few relevant threads;


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  3. vinodk_patel New Member

    mean cpu,memory and I/O are not bottleneck

    in this report the counter

    OutPut Queue Length for network card (HP NC7771 Gigabit Server Adapter) is 4294966340 and
    For (MS TCP Loopbackinterface) is 0.000

    this is my doubt

    Network Interface HP NC7771 Gigabit MS TCP Loopback
    Server Adapter interface

    Bytes Total/sec 1537.400 183.477
    Current bandwidth 1000000000 10000000.000

    OutPut Queue Length | 4294966340 | 0.000

    Packets received/sec 5.636 1.216
    Packet sent/ sec 4.349 1.216
    Packets/sec 9.986 2.432

  4. joechang New Member

    you need to start by describing what your problems are first
    all queries slow or just some
    persistent slow response or intermittent

    do not jump into specific counters unless you actually know that it is a problem

    i do not know why you think 1 kbyte/sec, 10 packet/sec is a problem
    on gigabit Ethernet that can drive 100MB/sec and 100K packets/sec
  5. vinodk_patel New Member

    My actual problem is when I am running one process through application then I am getting response after 7-8 minute.
    This process involve 9 store procedures
    And this process involve 22-25 table out of them 2 table have around 50000 rows and 2
    have 500000 rows. Ather tables have rows from 0 – 5000 only.

    I have check indexes
    Which are proper

  6. joechang New Member

    on what basis do you claim indexes are proper?
    why do you think this not a cpu/disk issue

    have you looked at the execution plan for each stored procedure
    how long does each procedure take
    should it take 7-8min?

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