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Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by photura, Jun 21, 2006.

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    How do I create a new sql server instance on a virtual sql server in a cluster so that we can point to it: virtualsqlserversqlserverinstance

    Is it a new resource through cluster administrator?


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    > SQL Server 2000 has the ability to run multiple virtual instances on the same server at the same time
    > Tools, COM components, and MDAC are shared among all instances
    > Can support as many 16 instances on each cluster
    > SQL registry settings are isolated between instances
    > Clustering supports one default instance and multiple Named Instances

    For server Servername, instance “SQL2000”, listens on:
    NP: \.Pipe$$VIRTSQLMSSQL$Instancename sqlquery
    TCP: Servername,1433
    Default of “0” for named instances means dynamic selection of port by the server when it starts
    UDP port 1434 is used for the new listener service
    Exposes which instances are installed, their network endpoints, and so forth, to clients

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