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Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by blockwood, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. blockwood New Member

    Apex SQL has release a pretty cool new SQL Editor - ApexSQL Edit - which we are offering for $149 currently as introductory price


    Integration with VSS
    Collapsible editing regions
    Integration with Reporting services
    Office2003 interface

    the author is extremely responsive to suggestions for new features.

    Brian Lockwood
    ApexSQL Software
    Value Added SQL Server Tools
  2. blockwood New Member

  3. tmonjar New Member

    Apex SQL has has started a blog to list development progress of Apex SQL Edit, SQL Database Tool for SQL editing. Apex SQL Edit is a SQL Tool integrated development environment (IDE) for SQL Server including powerful SQL Database development capabilities, updated GUI, Intellisense, integration with Visual Source safe, collapsing regions, SQL formatting and more. Free support and free product upgrades for life.


    Todd Monjar
    ApexSQL Software
    Home of ApexSQL Studio - the single most comprehensive suite of SQL Developer Tools

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