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[Newbie] sql server 2000

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by poosh, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. poosh New Member

    hello... <br />i just start to work in a company which wnat to migrate their applications from sql server 2000 to sql server 2005. (good idear!! [<img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif' alt=';)' />] isn't it <img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif' alt=';)' /> ) <br /><br />so my first step is to test sql server 2k, learn how it could work and study old applications which work, today, on sql server 2k.<br /><br />so i have various goals:<br /><br />1. how can i learn to use sql server 2k <br />(i just finish to install sql 2K on my computer and read somme doc to know what sort of objects it could manipulate. Like table, views, procedure....)<br /><br />2. how can i understand old applications<br />what are the steps i have to do to understand ?<br />what are tests i have to do to see the difficulties (sensible point) ... because i don't forget i have a migration to do, in a fiew weeks ! <br /><br />3. what are the difficulties in migration ?<br />I am sure a lot of people also try to migrate<br />and i don't want to pass a lot of time to have same problems<br /><br />so thank you very much to your help !!<br />[<img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-2.gif' alt=':D' />]
  2. Mast_dba New Member

    Go to google....
    type SQL Server 2000 & dig as much as u can...
    have patience for next 15 days 7 just read read & read & u will be ok to SQL serve for starting revert back on forum for particular problem.

  3. vbkenya New Member

    You can't expect to be able to be proficient in SQL Server 2000 programming and administration in the few weeks before you migrate (you mean upgrade) to SQL Server 2005. Just aim to be comfortable with the tools

    1. If you are in real desperate hurry, I would suggest attending some classes, especially the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) courses. Otherwise start with Books Online and visit many of the useful SQL Server websites out there.

    2. Old applications: Learn how they work, what they do with data, how the data is stored and the security configuration. Simply put, play with the apps until you can troubleshoot them over the phone.
    [li]Know the structure of your database(s); All objects, their dependencies and function[/li]
    [li]Note any replication, log shipping and Data transformation (Import, Export) activities as well the backup and restore operations[/li]

    3. Do the following:

    [li]Download the SQL Server upgrade advisor from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...5-4322-A677-95AB44F12D75&displaylang=en][/li]
    [li]Read the Upgrade Handbook: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/2005/sqlupgrd.mspx][/li]

    Otherwise, take it easy and just enjoy your new role.

    Nathan H. Omukwenyi
    MVP [SQL Server]
  4. druer New Member

    Hopefully your company has application experts who will actually do the testing during the migration process. You can't possibly be expected to come in blind and be responsible that the application works correctly after the migration. That is what the Product Team or Quality Assurance teams are for.

    It's a good idea for them to migrate to SQL Server 2005 only if there is a driving need to do so. The axiom I've always lived by is "if it isn't broken then don't try to fix it." If they are migrating just for the sake of upgrading because SQL Server 2005 is newer then that's a bad plan, and one that will surely cause the company grief. Migrating is only a good plan if/when you have experts who you can trust to ensure that everything is done correctly. Nothing personal, but starting the migration in a couple of weeks, with someone who is just now trying to learn SQL 2000 and doesn't know the what the front end application is supposed to do, is probably not going to yield the results that they would like to see.

    If you google for "SQL Server 2005 migration issues" you will find a lot of resources.

    From my limited knowledge of SQL Server 2005 I would think that your biggest issues are likely going to surround any data transformations that are currently used to feed the database as they completely re-did that piece. So while I don't know of any specific issues, my guess is that that would be the biggest migration headache for folks.

    I wish you the best as it sounds like the next couple of weeks/months will be rough ones,

    Hope it helps,

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  5. FrankKalis Moderator

    It sounds very short-sighted from your company to assign a newbie with such a task. Don't get me wrong, but its' data is probably one of the most valuable assets of a company. That's definitely not a task for someone not acquitant with either the systems nor the environment. <br /><br />I wish you all the best and in any case don't hesitate to ask here for help! [<img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif' alt=':)' />]<br /><br />--<br />Frank Kalis<br />Microsoft SQL Server MVP<br /<a target="_blank" href=http://www.insidesql.de>http://www.insidesql.de</a><br />Heute schon gebloggt?<a target="_blank" href=http://www.insidesql.de/blogs>http://www.insidesql.de/blogs</a><br />Ich unterstuetze PASS Deutschland e.V. <a target="_blank" href=http://www.sqlpass.de>http://www.sqlpass.de</a>)
  6. satya Moderator

    ... and also take your time to refer through all the old posts and refer books online, other web links for more information.

    2. how can i understand old applications
    what are the steps i have to do to understand ?
    what are tests i have to do to see the difficulties (sensible point) ... because i don't forget i have a migration to do, in a fiew weeks !

    To understand the applications at your end, use test or development environment (if not exists then create one). Do not attempt to change anything on the production, otherwise it may affect your job.

    Few links on upgrading information:
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