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Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for Hardware Configurations' started by SiSL, Jun 22, 2006.

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    Even tho, I have developed many sites and applications, when it comes to setup the system, I feel quite newbie.

    My current task to build a new server for our company's multi-host web server. It is said I can only buy only one computer up to $15K and if I can, find a usage of our old server.

    So I've made a setup with X2 Xeon 3.6's, 4 SCSI's to make RAID, 4x2 GB's of ECC registered rams. Sadly our old server is just P4 3.0 with 2 GB's of RAM on it.

    I will be using ASP applications and MS SQL 2000 for the setup, however, some say making 2 computer setup would be better, for seperate SQL computer, however, when there is a monster computer aside and a bad one so don't want to waste first server seperating it, because with over 20 million pages viewd a month so even I wanted to make IIS for old server, it is quite hitting 100% CPU usages.

    So, I decided to make old server for IIS logs, email server and some batch jobs. However even in old server, I just feel something wrong with my SQL setup.

    Long story short, I just request you proffessionals' views on how-to-setup and configure new single server for maximum performance for SQL vs IIS, what would be best to give memory, CPU alignment and all (or logging onto another computer not good idea even?). I know it is a generic question probably but due to my poor English and lack of server knowledge, I can't seem to point out what to focus on first.

    Thank you in advance

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    This is your first post, so welcome.
    Don't wait for others post from members with high numbers, do what Joe said.

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    Thank you so much, joechang and LuisMartin.

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