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Object Modified Date

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by GrantW, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. GrantW New Member

    Is there any possible way to find Table/Stored Procedure modified dates as this would make deploying a whole heap easier for us.

    Also on another note, what is the best IDE to use for writing stored procedures, we are currently only using Query Analyzer which at times can be cumbersome

  2. Dave Wells New Member

    I don't believe that there is. The system tables don't store this information.

    I not found anything better than Query Analyzer personally.
  3. satya Moderator

    For the modifications of the objects, it would be better if you can deploy third party tools like Lumigent's LOG EXPLORER or ENTEGRA which is handy tool to monitor.

    As Dave referred QA is better tool (from SQL 2K onwards) than any other 3rd party tool.

    Satya SKJ

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