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Discussion in 'SQL Server-Related Job Postings' started by Kelley White, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Kelley White New Member

    Hello folks,
    I am continually looking for good technical talent for Philips on a nationwide basis. I have quite a few SQL (and other technical) openings that I would be happy to chat with you further about.
    Please, take a moment to look at our career site - www.philips.com/careers
    If you (or anyone you know) is interested in exploring technical opportunities at Philips, I'd be happy to help you however I can. Just drop me a note with the job ID# so I can help you to explore further.
    We have quite a few openings nationwide... right now my specific focus is on 3 SQL positions for Software Development Engineers in Andover, MA (Job ID's - 49649, 48520 & 48287)
    Please feel free to contact me any time and also, please forward my contact information along to anyone that might be interested in exploring technical opportunities at Philips.
    Thank you,
    Kelley White
    Technical Recruiter - Philips
  2. FrankKalis Moderator

    Reply to get this off the unanswered post list.
  3. Luis Martin Moderator

    Not sure about to get off from unanswered list so quickly.
    May we have to discuss this in moderator forum.
  4. satya Moderator

    Great job Frank, just to get off from the unanwered topics.
    Still interesting on the job front at Philips... brand speaks.

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