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    I think that owning a home is very much like being a database administrator. When you first purchase a home everything is all shiny and new; however, once you move in and start to live in it you start to notice the details that you overlooked previously, such as a missing light bulb or a broken window hinge. Now these things don't need to be addressed straight away, but there is an impact if they are not looked at. For example, by not replacing a broken hinge additional wear occurs on the other hinges meaning that they will need to be replaced sooner and potentially the extra load could cause a split in the window frame to occur.
    As database administrators often we will identify small imperfections in the environments that we manage such as a failed job or maybe a query that is taking a little longer than usual to run. Just like the window's hinge, if these issues are left unchecked then additional problems may arise. If the job that was failing was a job that performed the database backups and a recovery needed to be performed, you can imagine the impact that this potentially could have. Do you have a maintenance process that you use for the SQL Server instances that you mange to ensure that issues are identified and addressed before the whole house falls down around your ears?
    - Peter Ward
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    We have a continuous improvement programme that keeps an eye on the TOP 50 worst performing stored procs.We also review the scheduled jobs on a regular basis to see if there are any efficiency savings there.Half the problem with inherrited or legacy systems is that there is scant documentation so trying to understand what a procedure is supposed to do vs what it actually does is not always straight forward.One of worst nightmare procs turned out to be virtually obsolete but it took several months to get to the point where everyone agreed that its function was redundant. Losing that baby bought back 3 hours of weekend processing.

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