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Partition child table too?

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by ja928, May 31, 2006.

  1. ja928 New Member

    Hi everyone, I looked in BOL and didn't find any theory on this. I have a parent / child relationship in my database between my two biggest tables in production. These have 10 million and 20 million rows respectively. I want to offload data to tables with identical column structures in an archive database. I've already partitioned the archive copy of the parent table, created constraints and created a view for the parent data.

    I'm wondering about partitioning the archived child table as well. In the parent table, the constraint is on a date field which makes sense to the way we accumulate and search the data. In production, there is a foreign key field in my child table, but is that the best candidate for a constraint in the the partitioned view? Also, if I partition out the child table, can (or should) I set referential integrity from the archive child to the parent's partitioned view? I don't see this as an option in the Enterprise Manager interface.

    Thanks in advance!

    Jason Akin
    CUInterface, LLC

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