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PASS Summit 2007 a Smashing Success

Discussion in 'Brad M McGehee' started by bradmcgehee, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. bradmcgehee New Member

    I have been attending the annual PASS Summit since 2000, and each year I am very happy I attended. This year's event, held in Denver this September, had about 2,300-2,400 participants and about 114 different sessions. While there are several different SQL Server conferences available to DBA, the PASS Summit is by far the bigget and the best.
    While the annual Summit is the highlight of PASS, PASS is more than just a conference. It is a world-wide group of over 25,000 SQL Server DBAs and developers, including many local user groups. If you live in a large city, most likely there is a PASS chapter where you can attend monthly educational events where you can listen to speakers and ask your difficult technical questions.
    If you are not familiar with PASS, and I am surprised how many DBAs and developers are not familiar with PASS, please check them out at www.sqlpass.org. The next Summit will be held in Seattle in November 2008, and it is not too early to begin planning to attend. And if you can't make the Summit, at least check out the website to see if there is a PASS user's group close to where you live.
    Keeping up with the latest knowledge in SQL Server is tough, and by participating in PASS, you can make this task a little easier.

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