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Passing Parameters to Report Models (SQL 2005)

Discussion in 'SQL Server Reporting Services' started by bwalkertn, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. bwalkertn New Member

    I am trying to create an Ad Hoc Report Model in SQL Report Services 2005. I need to pass a parameter to the data source for the report model via a URL. I have been able to do this in a report without a problem but can't seem to find how to set the data source for the report model to accept a parameter. MSDN talks about Paramater Objects in Model Designer but doesn't say where to go to set these values.

    Any ideas would be helpful.


  2. mkmathi New Member


    You have to add parameter to datasoure using @ symbol like (WHERE fil.gen=@GEN AND fil.cnt=@CNT)

    To assign report parameter values to Datasource prarameter

    goto Dataset --- Edit Mode ---> Parameteres

    Name value
    @GEN(datasource Parameter) =Parameters!GEN.Value(Report Parameter)

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  3. bwalkertn New Member

    Not sure I follow this - when you create a report model project (via the BI interface) you first create a datasource, then a data source view. In the data source view you can create a query for a table in the view but it will not allow you to add a dynamic parameter.

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