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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by srimkumarp, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. srimkumarp New Member

    Hi All,
    In system monitor tool,when i try to add counters in performance object it is showing numbers.
    i am unable to track how many users are connecting to the internal web application.
    please suggest me how to reload the performance objects.If i did reload will it be any problem because it is production sql server 2005and how to find the users connecting to web applications. We are facing slowness issue at particular point of time.
  2. rohit2900 Member

    Hello Kumar,
    If you wanna know how many connections your application is using, you can use perfmon for this, but if you are looking for the number of users accessing your web application then I don't think you can do it on server level. You need to add some logic within your application.
  3. srimkumarp New Member

    thanks rohit,
    performance object showing numbers....
  4. Elisabeth Redei New Member

    Is SQL Server:General Statistics - User Connections what you are looking for? It shows you all connections to a particular SQL Server instance.
  5. srimkumarp New Member

    Actually i am looking for how many users are connecting to the web application;because your users are facing slowness only particular point of time
    noon 2:30 to eve 6:30 it is working fine after that slow till next day upto 2.
    for that i am trying checking how many users are connecting to the application server. but performance object show numbers
  6. rohit2900 Member

    Correct if my assumption is wrong.
    The number of connectionf from your web application to your database server remains the same, but you want to check how many users are logged in to your application.
    this you need to do it on your application level.
  7. satya Moderator

    I believe you are not concentrating on the problem such as slow performance of application when a certain number of users are connected. Keeping the number of users count aside, you have to look at the aspects of why the database performance is poor during that times.
    Are you observing the slow performance at a certain point of time or intermittently?
    How often you schedule/run database optimization jobs, REINDEX & UPDATE STATS etc.?
    What is the service pack level on SQL & Windows?
    ANy network issues between the web & SQL server?
  8. srimkumarp New Member

    thanks staya garu,
    now application is woking fine. 1 month before we upgrade RAM for application server from 2 GB to 5 GB RAM but it shows only 3.50 GB.yesterday night sys admin had made changes in boot.ini and restart the server.now it is showing 4 GB RAM
    i've doubt due to restart server it's working fine or after changing boot.ini it is working fine.pls suggest.
    How often you schedule/run database optimization jobs, REINDEX & UPDATE STATS etc.?
    i am not doing any reindex and update stats.
    due to this problem i had done updated stats for all databases in server on 7 of this month.
    is this compulsory to reindex and update stats.pls suggest me when we have to do this jobs..
  9. satya Moderator

    Ok now the resourcing issue has been dealt, you have to concentrate on optimization methods.
    See there is no hard code rule you should not execute reindex or update statistics on the tables that are having frequent updates/deletes/inserts. In your case you have to see what is the maintenance window for this application database, say during midnight if the traffic is low or even no one is accessing then you must adopt the DB maintenance procedures to do so.
    Further you can take help of this script http://sqlserver-qa.net/blogs/tools...-jobs-without-database-maintenance-plans.aspx to perform such an adhoc basis of optimization.
  10. srimkumarp New Member

    thanks for ur suggestions..
    Normally end users are entering , updating , pulling reports and uploading batches.
    these are the taks are doing on daily basis.
  11. satya Moderator

    Too many things flying at the same time, obviously the resources are troubled to serve the purpose.
    See the blog link above to perform adhoc basis optimizaiton to keep up the performance.
  12. srimkumarp New Member

    hi satya garu,
    ur correct. yesterday(19-02-09) eve shift started by that time all application ran slowly.pls advice me where i've chk.
    is this db problem or server side prb. morning it was fine.
  13. preethi Member

  14. srimkumarp New Member

    hi all,

    Now all applications are working fine in morning times but here issue is some applications are getting error in night times only.
    error:-Exception of type system.outofmemoryexception was thrown; we have space in both c and d drives

    please let me known what will happen if user connections > 255.

    sys conf:- win 2003 ;sql server 2005 standard edition;

    please suggest me

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