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Discussion in 'Greg Larsen's Blog' started by Greg Larsen, Apr 8, 2008.

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    How many of you do a Performance Audit of your SQL Server instances? I’ll have to admit I have never done a formal performance audit of our SQL Server instances. But to give myself some credit, back in 2007 I identified a number of DBA goals for 2008, and one of those was to developing a criteria and method of doing a performance audit. I’m going to venture to guess that most of you also have never done a performance audit as well.
    Today Brad McGehee, the Directory of DBA Education from Red-Gate software came to the Olympia Area SQL Server User group, which I chair, and talked about performance auditing. His presentation was very well done and received by members of my user group. Brad talked about all the different things that should be audited, and the tools you should use to perform an audit. What I took away from Brads presentation is that a DBA needs to be proactive when it comes to SQL Server performance, they need to determine which performance measures are important for their environment, they need to develop a method to gather the actual value for each measurement, and lastly they need to periodically run their performance audit to determine if performance is decreasing, staying the same or getting better.
    Most of the information Brad talked about regarding a performance audit can be found in his articles that are published on this site. You can also click HERE for the slide deck Brad used for his presentation.
    What do you see as the benefits to doing a performance audit? Know of any drawbacks? What kinds of guidance do you have for performance auditing newbie’s? Please share your performance auditing experiences however big or small with the SQL Server Performance community by placing a comment on this blog?
    May your performance audits be worthwhile,
    Greg Larsen, MCITP

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