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    Hi ,
    Our company had an Reporting Server which runs very slow. I have put some counters and run System Monitor. And the results are below.

    ObjectsCounters Avg Min Max
    MemoryAvailable Mbytes 2106 1818 2141
    Memory Pages/Sec 0.141 0 246
    Network Interface Total Bytes/Sec 23536713 2107 65526893
    Physical Disk Avg Disk Queue Legth (Total) 50.44 0.0001 453
    Physical DiskAvg Disk Queue Length(I) Index 4.59 0 453
    Physical DiskAvg Disk Queue Length(J) Logs 0.8 0 30
    Physical DiskAvg Disk Queue Length(H) Data 45 0 433
    Physical DiskAvg Disk Sec/Read(H)Data 0.09 0 0.77
    Physical DiskAvg Disk Sec/Write(H)Data 0.03 0 2.37
    Processor % Processor Time 12.62 0.038 92.61
    Server Work Queues Queue Length 0 0 0
    SQL Server Buffer manager Buffer cache hit ratio 99.62 88.66 99.9
    SQL Server Cache managerTotal cache hit ratio 67.01 66.96 67.08
    SQL Server General Statistics User Connections 40.03 21 94
    SQL Server LocksTotal Lock Timeouts/Sec 0.18 0 89.2
    SQL Server LocksTotal Dead Locks/Sec 0.0003 0 0.2
    SystemProcessor Queue Length 0.05 0 10
    Could you please suggest anything from these counters, what has to be done.??
    I ran the PerfMon for the whole day from 10AM to 8PM.
    We have SQL server 2000 SP4 on Windows 2003 advanced Server. I am confused with Buffer cache hit ratio and Total cache hit ratio?
    I think Total cache hit ratio should not be <90. So, what was the problem and what can be done?
    And what can be done for the Avg Disk Queue Length?? The data drive (H) was having 5 disks on the array.
    Please suggest .

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    Hi, Could I ask you how could you get the min and max of these counter data, I tired to use the counter log, but only get get the average coutner data?
    While I can view the average, min and max data , but how could I save them?
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    Duplicate question.
    Please follow:

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