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Performens problems in SQL Express

Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for DBAs' started by POSoS, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. POSoS New Member

    Hey I am currently working on at project.
    where I have some "problems" regarding to the way the SQL Express is Working in general.

    My setup and goal is the following

    VIA 700Mhz processor 512Mb Ram

    OS XPe with SQL express and my shell

    my goal is to get the SQL Express to run as fast as possible, without any for security and fail safe. as the data that the SQL express holds is only seen in as temporally Storage.

    Some may ask why I haven#%92t chosen another type of db(native or other SQL server)
    well first we need an extreme fast data response.
    and we tried to other servers that have smaller footprint and lower load times...
    but they couldn#%92t keep up with the SQL Express...

    however now we come to my problem.
    when my machine have run for some time and run a lot requests
    (some TSQL and the heavy ones SP)

    it suddenly slows the system down and is using max CPU performance for 10-30 Sec
    and then runs 5 - 10 min and does it again.......

    can any one help me reach my goals
    help will be appriciated

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