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Please help installing SQL 2k

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by Jinxer, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Jinxer New Member

    Im installing SQL Server 2k, and im running into a problem installing it. Everything goes well, until the end, and it freezes at...

    "setup is starting server and installing your chosen configuration"

    It then freezes, and does nothing at this point. I have tried re-installing. I have tried deleting the registry items, and reinstalling. Nothing, still freezes. Im starting to go nuts figuring this out, so hopefully you can help.

    This is what its showing in errorlog.

    2013-02-09 02:33:50.00 server Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.194 (Intel X86)
    Aug 6 2000 00:57:48
    Copyright (c) 1988-2000 Microsoft Corporation
    Enterprise Evaluation Edition on Windows NT 5.1 (Build 2600: Service Pack 3)

    2013-02-09 02:33:50.01 server Copyright (C) 1988-2000 Microsoft Corporation.
    2013-02-09 02:33:50.01 server All rights reserved.
    2013-02-09 02:33:50.01 server Server Process ID is 2464.
    2013-02-09 02:33:50.01 server Logging SQL Server messages in file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\log\ERRORLOG'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:50.04 server SQL Server is starting at priority class 'normal'(4 CPUs detected).
    2013-02-09 02:33:50.59 server SQL Server configured for thread mode processing.
    2013-02-09 02:33:50.61 server Using dynamic lock allocation. [2500] Lock Blocks, [5000] Lock Owner Blocks.
    2013-02-09 02:33:50.68 server Attempting to initialize Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.01 server Failed to obtain TransactionDispenserInterface: Result Code = 0x8004d01b
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.03 spid2 Warning ******************
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.03 spid2 SQL Server started in single user mode. Updates allowed to system catalogs.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.07 spid2 Starting up database 'master'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.49 spid2 Server name is 'SERVER'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.49 server Using 'SSNETLIB.DLL' version '8.0.194'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.49 spid5 Starting up database 'model'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.51 spid7 Starting up database 'msdb'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.51 spid8 Starting up database 'pubs'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.53 spid9 Starting up database 'Northwind'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.85 server SQL server listening on Shared Memory, Named Pipes.
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.85 server SQL Server is ready for client connections
    2013-02-09 02:33:51.92 spid5 Clearing tempdb database.
    2013-02-09 02:33:52.48 spid5 Starting up database 'tempdb'.
    2013-02-09 02:33:52.57 spid2 Recovery complete.
    2013-02-09 02:33:52.62 spid2 Warning: override, autoexec procedures skipped.
    I am using windows XP Professional, by the way. And it's a dedicated server im using from someone.

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