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Problem in accessing FTP Site over DTS

Discussion in 'SQL Server DTS-Related Questions' started by chandrajit.samanta, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. chandrajit.samanta New Member

    Hi Friends!
    I am facing a real problem on accessing ftp site over DTS.

    I have created FTP site in IIS with following details:
    Allow Anonymous Connection : checkbox checked
    Username: METALINK/chandrajits ---> First one is domain and second one is windows user name. This is a NT user in which I am working. My os is Win XP professional, IIS is installed in my machine. My system is connected with windows 2000 server where NT users are defined.

    Password: ****** ----> Given password is the same password for above NT User.

    Default FTP Site:
    IP Address:
    TCP Port : 21

    Enable Logging: Checked
    Username and password are the same as given above.

    allow anonymous connections: Checked
    allow only anonymous connections: Checked
    allow IIS to contril password: Unchecked

    Name of the virtual Directory: chandrajits
    Actual folder path: F:FtpFiles

    when I am accessing ftp sith in browser with following URL:

    its working and shoiwing the files

    But I have created a DTS package with

    File Tranfer protocal Task, where
    source URL:
    Username: METALINK/chandrajits
    (OR chandrajits)

    password: ********** -----> same password as I used for 'chandrajits' during windows login.

    its showing one error given below:

    Unable to Connect to Internet! Please Check the Source Site Information, Your username and password.

    Please help!!! My all works are stopped because of this.

    Chandrajit Samanta, MBM(Systems), B.E.(Electrical), Sr. Programmer, Metrica Systems, Bangalore, India, +919986044300, chandrajit.samanta@gmail.com
  2. satya Moderator

    THis is something access to the internet from SQL server, ensure the SQL services has relevant privileges to access FTP on the server.

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