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Problem installing SQL2000 into W2003 cluster

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by invoker, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. invoker New Member


    I had headaches as I was two days trying to install SQL 2000 in the cluster and I had no luck at all....

    Configuration is active/passive cluster. My problem is when trying to install SQL, just after select the unit to store the databases and then, username and password, installation closes suddenly and SQL doesn't install.

    I am using a new-created account (SQLADMIN) and it belongs to local administrator (in both nodes) and domain administrator.

    Anyone can help me?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

  2. derrickleggett New Member

    Have you looked at the Microsoft white paper on SQL Server clustering. If not, you need to walk through that document. It does a really good job of walking you through it. Run a search as msdn.microsoft.com for sql server clustering white paper.


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  3. invoker New Member

    I have a step-to-step installing SQL guide. Cluster is properly configured. I have seen in the SQL's installation Log, and these are the last lines, any if I look for any information regarding this, I found nothing at all:

    15:42:10 Begin Action : ValidateNodeActions
    15:42:10 Begin Action : ValidateNodeActions
    15:42:10 End Action : ValidateNodeActions
    15:42:10 End Action : ValidateNodeActions
    15:42:10 End Action DialogShowSdClusterDef
    15:42:10 begin ShowDialogsUpdateMask
    15:42:10 nFullMask = 0x1bf7c037, nCurrent = 0x10000, nDirection = 1
    15:42:10 Updated Dialog Mask: 0x1bf7c037, Disable Back = 0x1
    15:42:10 Dialog 0x10000 returned: 1
    15:42:10 End Action ShowDialogsHlpr
    15:42:10 ShowDialogsGetDialog returned: nCurrent=0x20000,index=17
    15:42:10 Begin Action ShowDialogsHlpr: 0x20000
    15:42:10 Begin Action : Cluster Security - DlgAcct

    Here is when finish, and exits suddenly. I'm sure I'm using a domain account with admin privileges. So, I don't know what more to do.

    Any more ideas?


  4. Argyle New Member

    Make sure you are not installing the cluster through terminal services or have terminal services installed in full mode on the servers. Connect to the console to install.

    SQL Server 2000 Cluster Does Not Install on Windows Server 2003-Based Computers Where Terminal Services Is Installed

    PRB: Installation of a Named Instance of SQL Server 2000 Virtual Server on a Windows 2003-Based Cluster Fails

    The following should show up after your last step:
    10:50:04 Begin Action : Cluster Security - DlgAcct
    10:50:16 ShowDlgAcct returned: 1
    10:50:16 [DlgAccount]
    10:50:16 Domain = SID
    10:50:16 DomainAcct = clusteradmin
    10:50:16 DomainPwd
    10:50:16 Result = 1
    10:50:16 End Action : Cluster Security - DlgAcct
    10:50:16 begin ShowDialogsUpdateMask
    10:50:16 nFullMask = 0x1bf7c037, nCurrent = 0x20000,
    nDirection = 1
    10:50:16 Updated Dialog Mask: 0x1bf7c037, Disable Back =
    10:50:16 Dialog 0x20000 returned: 1
    10:50:16 End Action ShowDialogsHlpr

    Do you see the dialog window that ask for the cluster administrator account at all? And is the remote registry service running on both nodes?

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