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Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by Link, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Link New Member

    just had a chance to evaluate a new application. everything is good except the application was developed by using Progress 4GL language and based on Progress database. since I'm the DBA (SQL Server) and people are asking me for my comments on the database. I'm totally new to Progress database. can anyone give some suggestions/comments on Progress?

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  3. Link New Member

    thank Luis.
    anything on the popularity, market share and growth?
    on the other hand, limitations?

  4. druer New Member

    From what I rememeber of days when I had to support Progress it had a rather robust 4GL language associated that if I remember correctly was kind of like a VB like language combined with SQL like language as well as well as reporting language features. I worked in an r&d type lab so performance and daily maintenance issues weren't something I was concerened with so I can't comment on that. It has stayed around for a long time like Informix despite the huge popularity of Oracle and SQL Server so my guess is that each must have some type of features that keep customers choosing it. Probably best to check out a Progress forum and ask people why they utilize it instead of Oracle or SQL Server.
  5. Link New Member

    thanks Druer.
    I went to DBFORUMs today seeking for threads about Progress. here is an intersting one at:http://www.dbforums.com/t1082508.html

    for the 4GL part, we use Powerbuilder for developing many major applications and we are facing the same issue regards to the popularity of the tools. Sybase is a bigger company still failing to promote a pretty good product as Powerbuilder. I don't know how far Progress can go (when we talk to the vendors, he told us Progress is not an OO language.)


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