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Push replication to a cluster

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by dylaninaz, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. dylaninaz New Member

    I currently have a single-node cluster on SQL2000, SP3, OS is Win2K3, SP1. One virt. server name, one instance (we'll be adding another node later on.)

    I need to receive a replication push from OUTSIDE our domain for daily updates to one database on the cluster. Normally in a standalone server this is done via IP when pushed from outside the domain, but it doesn't seem to work when pushing to the IP of the VS name. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. simondm New Member

    You need to push to the serverinstance name.

    rather than IP I would use a host name is poosible. Either by using DNS or a host file entry - it makes life easier if it ever changes.

    As it's an instance make sure the server pushing has UDP access on port 1434 to gain access to SQL.

  3. dylaninaz New Member

    Would you list the DSN entry in the HOSTS file as just the VS name, or as VS nameInstance name?
  4. simondm New Member

    Just the virtual server name. Windows will use this to determine the IP address. You then pass it SERVERINSTANCE on your subscription and it knows what instance to connect to.

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