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Red Gate’s SQL Response: No-Nonsense Monitoring

Discussion in 'SQL Server News' started by dineshasanka, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. dineshasanka Moderator

    Red Gate Software has released SQL Response, a new tool for no-nonsense monitoring of SQL Server health and activity.
    Five no-nonsense reasons to try out SQL Response
    • Installs quickly and easily, with sensible default settings that get users up and running in minutes.
      • Low impact on server resources with no components installed on the monitored SQL Servers.
        • Intuitive user interface enables rapid filtering of alerts or SQL Server by priority, with a straightforward presentation of the diagnostic data captured for each alert.
          • Sends email alerts as soon as the problem arises without bombarding the user with the same email alert if the problem persists.
            • Provides just the information needed to quickly investigate long-running queries, SQL deadlocks, blocked processes and other problems.

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