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Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    Over the last few days the financial markets around the world have gone from bad to worse. The "Credit Crunch" continues to affect many organisations and not just those that are in the financial sector. Many companies are starting to lay off staff as the banks all around the globe continue to struggle with their efforts to keep liquidity in the financial market. HP has announced that it will cut almost 25,000 jobs from their workforce, which equates to about 7.5% of the total workforce. The future looks even bleaker for those in the financial sector as it is expected that over 110,000 jobs will be axed from the financial sector in Britain by the end of this year.
    It is an interesting time for those that are working in any part of the market, as there are very few industries that are not being affected by the current fragility of the worldwide economy. Although many people may fear for their jobs, I think that IT is actually one of the safer options. IT has the ability to streamline business processes in order to help reduce costs. In other words it does not need to be a cost centre as it can potentially generate significant savings for an organisation. So what are you doing to assist in reducing costs in the current economic climate?
    - Peter Ward
  2. As the Boise, Idaho area has shown, IT is often one of the areas that has been hit but the struggling economy. I site both Micron and HP. The each have laid off numerous IT employees and created a local crisis for unemployed IT professionals. As a DBA, we often don't have the luxury of providing cost-saving solutions to our companies. It's often the Applications Groups that I can really help reduce the bottom line but providing more effective business applications. However typically what I have seen is that by providing better business applications, it often means that jobs are cut as software replaces human functions. It is sad to see that as we improve technology to battle economic changes, we often have to cut jobs anyway? What do you all think?
  3. AngryDBA New Member

    I can do minor stuff to improve efficiency but the big stuff needs approval at a managerial level.Despite some successes I haven't had much luck convincing the powers that be that savings are possible. The problem is that some empires depend on the employment of lots of staff. Half those empires don't need to exist. Lets face it, it is a hard sell. Try telling the boss that his department could be run with 3 people instead of the 50 and see how enthusiastic he is.

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