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Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by melvinlusk, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. melvinlusk Member

    I have an environment that hosts SQL Server databases for a large number of clients. Some of these client require that we send them a copy of their databases on a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly). The current process for this is to backup the database, compress it using Winzip, and then FTP it to a server that the client controls. All this is done through a SQL Agent Job.
    As you can imagine, this can get quite cumbersome as the databases grow in size. I've been looking at other options to get this data to clients' in a more timely manner. Some of them have discussed Log Shipping, but I can't use native SQL Log Shipping because of security concerns (no Active Directory trust, no direct SQL connection between the clients' network and ours). All SQL Servers are also 2000, so DB Mirroring isn't an option either.....although plans to upgrade are in the works, the same security concerns with Log Shipping exists).
    Right now I'm leaning towards sending them a full backup, and then our hourly transaction log backups over FTP. They could then restore these translog backups over the full backup in standby/recovery mode (clients don't need to make data changes). I realize this isn't really the best option, and would like to see what opinions or experience someone else may have with this.
  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    According your restrictions I suggest to test Red Gate SQL Backup Pro. It compress (on line) between 10% to 20% of original size.
    Check Red Gate site.
  3. melvinlusk Member

    Thanks Luis, I'll have a look.

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