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    Hi<br /><br />I hope that somebody can help me with my problem!!!<br /><br />In my work I have a project to replication a data base in other remote site, we have a dedicated connection of 256 between servants. The company in where it will keep talks back it is one third lender of services of storage and defense of information. <br /><br />The situation is that our data base is gigantic measures 30gigas and grows of discriminal way day with day, since all the information at national level is concentrated. I must design a model of transaccional replication to solve this, but because the initial snapshot is of approximately 15gigas never I have managed to pass it since the connection falls or not because reason but never happens. I was not reading and I believe that the snapshot of manual form can be loaded, but have not been able to resolver the situation of this form somebody me can either help please!!!!!!!!!!!! Also appears to me the problem that I have two tables that are those that registers all the movimients that become in two data bases of the company and which they contain 284 columns marries one, and me it either does not include them in the articles to publishes, knows somebody as I can fix this situation, is possible to be done something on the matter? <br /><br />Greetings and thank you <br /><br /> Oscar!!! [<img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif' alt=':)' />]<br /><br />
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    ok, if actual data in database is 30gigs then take a full backup of database and compress backup file with winzip or any other.. SQL Backups can be compressed till 99%. so this will give you approx 320MB file..

    Move this file to remote location and restore database.. and while establishing replication choose subscriber already contain latest data.

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    Compressed Snapshot Files
    When snapshot files are too large to fit on removable media or require transmission over slow networks, compressing the snapshot files is an option. Compressing snapshot files can reduce network traffic but it increases the time to generate and apply the snapshot.

    Compression writes data in the Microsoft® CAB file format. You can compress snapshot files when you are saving them to an alternate location or when Subscribers are accessing them using FTP. Snapshot files written to the default snapshot folder on the Distributor cannot be compressed.

    Rest details you can read from BOL and: -


    Deepak Kumar

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