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Replication with mirroring

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 General DBA Questions' started by ismailadar, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. ismailadar New Member

    Hi all,I have three server. Firstly i configured transactional replication between two server.(Server A is Distrubutor and publisher and Server B is subscriber) and replication work fine. Secondly i configur database mirroring between two servers(Server B ise Principal and Server C ise Mirror) Also I have succesfully install mirroring.
    but i want to configure Server A(Publisher for Replicaiton) that if Server B(both subscriber for replication and Principal for mirroring) is unavaliable replication goes on with Server C(Mirror for mirroring) automaticly.
    Is it possible to achieve this?On the other hand can i achieve this by adding PublisherFailoverPartner for agents at Server A?if it is possible how can i achieve this?Thanx in advance.
  2. satya Moderator

    Assuming you are using SQL Server 2008 version, r
    eplication failover to a mirror is supported for publication databases only; it is not supported for the distribution database or subscription databases.

    Also see the requirement on this scenario from BOL:
    Be aware of the following requirements and considerations when using replication with database mirroring:
    • The principal and mirror must share a Distributor. We recommend that this be a remote Distributor, which provides greater fault tolerance if the Publisher has an unplanned failover.
    • The Publisher and Distributor must be Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or a later version. Subscribers can be any version, but merge replication pull subscriptions from a version prior to SQL Server 2005 do not support failover; the agent in this case runs at the Subscriber and previous versions of the agent are not mirror aware. Replication to such Subscribers resumes if the database fails back from the mirror to the principal.
    • Replication supports mirroring the publication database for merge replication and for transactional replication with read-only Subscribers or queued updating Subscribers. Immediate updating Subscribers, Oracle Publishers, Publishers in a peer-to-peer topology, and republishing are not supported.
    • Metadata and objects that exist outside the database are not copied to the mirror, including logins, jobs, linked servers, and so on. If you require the metadata and objects at the mirror, you must copy them manually.
    So your answer lies on the above requirement.
  3. ismailadar New Member

    thanks for your reply i wonder whether if is possible or not but unfortunately it is impossible

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