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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services' started by Anand.A, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Anand.A New Member


    i have 3 folder in my report server url home page but client want to see only 1 folder how to do this

    i used item level security but all this folder displayed in that home page how to do this..

    and i am using standalone system in that role assignment i want use domain\username so in this which user name i want to use..

    i want to create new user in my system or
    to want to use my client system user
  2. satya Moderator

    Welcome to the forums.
    You need to use Natvie mode connection to the report server, see what is documented in books online:

    On a native mode report server, create user role assignments that include tasks for using Report Builder. You must be a Content Manager and System Administrator to create or modify role definitions and role assignments on items and at the site level.
    The following instructions assume that you are using predefined roles. If you modified the role definitions or if you upgraded from SQL Server 2000, check the roles to verify they contain the necessary tasks. For more information about creating role assignments, seeHow to: Grant User Access to a Report Server (Report Manager).
    After you create the role assignments, users will have permission to do the following:
    • Users assigned to the System User and Browser roles can view published Report Builder reports on a report server, without having to launch Report Builder.
    • Users assigned to the System User and Report Builder roles can generate models, start Report Builder and create reports, and save reports to the report server.
    • Users assigned to the System User and Publisher roles can publish models from Model Designer to the report server. Models are used as data sources in Report Builder.
    • Users assigned to the System Administrator and Content Manager roles have full permissions to create, view, and manage Report Builder reports.
    [IMG]To verify required tasks are in the role definitions

    1. Start Management Studio and connect to the report server.

    2. Open the Security folder.

    3. Open the System Roles folder.

    4. Right-click System Administrator, and select Properties.

    5. Select Execute report definitions and click OK.

    6. Right-click System User, and select Properties.

    7. Select Execute report definitions and click OK.

    8. Open the Roles folder.

    9. Right-click Browser, and select Properties.

    10. Select View models and click OK.

    11. Right-click Content Manager, and select Properties.

    12. Select View models, Manage models, Consume reports, and click OK.

    13. Right-click Publisher, and select Properties.

    14. Select Manage models and click OK.

    15. Create the Report Builder role if it does not exist:
      1. Open the Security folder.
      2. Right-click Roles, and select New Role.
      3. In Name, type Report Builder.
      4. In Description, enter a description for the role so that users in Report Manager know what the role is for.
      5. Add the following tasks: Consume reports, View reports, View models, View resources, View folders, and Manage individual subscriptions.
      6. Click OK to save the role.

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