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restore verifyonly is not executing

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by yukon_dba, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. yukon_dba New Member

    Hi All,
    I have taken a backup of two databases of 40 gb and 95 gb and than tried to execute the following command to verify the backup file .
    restore verifyonly from disk='C:downloadsmydatabase.bak'
    Its just executing the command without any result,,,,even after 45 mnts ....its still executing.....Any ideas will be helpful...thanks in advance
    Yukon DBA
  2. techbabu303 New Member

    Can you tell us if you have executed with default option or other option ?
  3. techbabu303 New Member

    Is your backup set on media or Tape ?
    How big is your back up file ?
    an you move the back from production machine and to standby server try the same ?

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