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Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    When my wife and I travel we are big fans of going on a road trip. I think one of the things we enjoy is the adventure, as you are never quite sure what you will find along the way. It could be coming across a spectacular lookout just as the sun is setting or it may be something as simple as finding the best fish tacos in the world. I was talking to a colleague today who is heading to the US for PDC next month. He is using the opportunity of attending PDC as an excuse to take a few days off for the holiday while in the US.
    After telling my wife about the holiday my colleague had planned, we decided that we should plan another US road trip. The last road trip we took in the US was for the last PASS Summit, which was held in Denver. We drove from LA to Denver and clocked up over 2,000 miles in the process. This would be one of the most memorable road trips we have been on, not because we were driving on the opposite side of the road but because of the spectacular scenery we came across whilst driving through the middle of Arizona. At this stage we are planning to drive from LA to Seattle in late February next year for the MVP summit. So if you have any ideas on where we should stop along the way I would love to hear your suggestions.
    - Peter Ward
  2. prairdon New Member

    Hi Peter, Nice to here you will be visiting us here on the left coast. I am a SQL DBA in Sacramento, Ca and I really don't have a place for you to stop but rather a route to take. You can take Highway 5 up through the middle of the state which is the quick route but if you have a little more time I might suggest you take 101 North out of LA and come up the coast. This will take you through places like Santa Barbara, Monterey, Bodega Bay and eventually the redwoods towards the north of the state. There are just a ton of wonderful little towns with great restaurants and shops to discover. Hope this helps and have a great trip.Paul
  3. inetcnslt New Member

    I agree with Paul. If you have the time, going along the coast is a great ride. If not, you can continue up Highway 5 from Sacramento and get a wonderful view of Mt Shasta in northern CA.Bill
  4. CRose New Member

    Walk on the volcanic beaches at Yachats, Oregon. Stay at the Adobe Resort Motel taking 2 days and one night should give you both the time to see the remarkable sights in this part of our beautiful Pacific Northwest.
  5. jinu New Member

    Be careful of the ever-increasing gas price.

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