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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 General DBA Questions' started by chumeniuk, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. chumeniuk New Member

    Wasn't sure which sub-forum to post this under since it's both a general topic and performance related.
    Anyways, we are in need of improving the amount of customers that can access our B2C website. From a hardware standpoint, we have identified that SQL Server, and mostly the CPU, is the bottleneck. The company has approved moving ahead with purchasing new hardware, but I feel that eventually scaling up will provide little benefit and we need to scale out. We really don't have a option to re-write the site or dramatically change how it interacts with the database. Some options that I've thrown out are separating the content and transactions. Since content sees the majority of the activity, we could load balance that across multiple servers which directing the cart related transactions back to a single server. What are options do we have? Is there any type of solution that would function in a manor like Oracles Grid? Has anyone else been successful in scaling out their web database back end?
  2. alent1234 New Member

    if you buy the hardware in the next few weeks then it's going to be ridiculously powerful. next year when the new 32nm CPU's come out the power is going to be ludicrous. in fact the hardware is so powerful today that you should have no problems scaling up with cheapo hardware. just buy enough hard drives to break up the I/O on different spindles if you're not on a SAN. 1U servers can take 144GB of RAM and next year it will go up
  3. satya Moderator

    The answer/solution to this problem is much wider, unless you pin point the root cause of problem is due to data or processes (insert/delete) that are operated on SQL Server it is waste that if you throw hardware to the problem, its not a end solution.
    THe strategey you must follow is to plan for strategic identification of process and see what kind of database optimization practices you follow, if required review them to execute them faster.
    Scalability & performance are 2 different factors that you need to address, scaling out is nothing but you want to spread the database actions to multiple server and performance issue something that occurs whenever database is accessed.

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