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scsi cable for 2 node clustering

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by Raphael, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. Raphael New Member

    hi, i have 2 quick questions. i have built 2 nodes and have installed windows 2000 advance os on each as a test enviroment that comply with the HCL list to understand clustering alittle more.. i have an external source with a scsi hard drive. my questions are: 1, can anyone tell me what the "Y-Cable" composed of- i hear that you can take 2 hd68(M-M) cables and 2 (M-F) terminators to make the Y cable..is that true..if not, what is the Y cable and where can i buy it from to connect the nodes. and 2, in installing the sql server 2000,is it installed on the external disk ( the shared drive) or on the C: drive or other drive i may have on the NODES..a little puzzeled..thanks, raphael...keep in mind i am new to this...lol...be gentle...
  2. Argyle New Member

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