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Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by rayala.thulasi, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. rayala.thulasi New Member

    Hi team. I have one SQL Server 2000 database instance. in that some one has chenged the sa password.i would like to know who has changed password for sysadmin account. Please anyone can help me to trach the same.
  2. preethi Member

    Unless you already have mechanism, you can't find out who did it.
    If you want to track you may have to run server side trace on all queries and periodically monitor it. Still there are issues with that. trace utility will simply give some standard message as soon as it sees the word "password". Also, if someone joins with sa login and changes it how can you find the actual person?
    So, don't give sysadmin rights to everyone, We normally disable built in sa account. So all will log in using their own credentials. In SQL 2000, that is one of the reason it is recommended to use windows authentication.
  3. rayala.thulasi New Member

    HI Preeti.
    Thanks for ur update. as i know that sharing sysadmin account is not good.inplace of that we can provide dbo access for respective databases.i was thinking that is there any posibility to grap that from sysdatabases.ok thanks.
  4. preethi Member

    You are welcome.
    and thank you for the new spelling of my name :)

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