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Side by Side SQL Server 2008R2 Installation with SQL Server 2000 SP4 on Windows 2003 SP2.

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Clustering' started by snivas, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. snivas Member

    Hi all
    I am doing SQL Server 2008R2 Side by Side Installation with SQL Server 2000 SP4,
    Some body help me with your suggestions..
    Environment Availble:
    1.New iSCSI Drives.
    2.32 GB RAM on Each NODE
    3.Windows 2003 SP2 Cluster
    4.SQL Server 2000 Cluser
    5.Active/passive Cluster
    Groups Availble:(In Present Cluster)
    SQLCLUSTER --> Groups
    Cluster Configuration
    Under "Groups" again Two Icons 1.Cluster Group and 2.SQL
    Cluster Group
    Cluster Ip Adress
    Cluster Name
    MSDTC IP Adress
    MSDTC NetworkName

    Disk G:
    Disk L
    SQL Network Name(SQLCLUSTER)
    SQL Server Name
    SQL Server Agent
    SQL Server Fulltext

    Task I have to perform: Adding new SQL Server 2008R2 Instance to excisting Cluster
    Here I have Questions:
    1.Upgrading Shared Componets.
    A.Starting with Present Passive Node after Installation rebooting the Node.
    B.Doing the fail-Over
    C.Installing the Present Possive Node
    D.Doing the Fail-Over

    2.Starting the SQL Server 2008R2 Installation with Active Node.
    A. Did Installation effect the Present MSDTC(Which is in Glustor group)?
    B. Or Installation going to be Create one more MSDTC ?

    3.If I start Instllation from Passive Node What is going to happend?
    Please suggest me approch...

    I will Continue questions ....
    Thanks in Advance
  2. MohammedU New Member

    Can you please answer the following first...
    1. Are you adding sql 2008 r2 existing cluster? if so what is OS edition?
    2. Are you doing this on production server? if not it is OK to test it :)
  3. snivas Member

    As I mentined I doing Side by Side
    ANS 1. Yes adding SQL Server 2008R2 Instance and OS is Windows 2003 SP2
    ANS 2. Yes I doing in Production Server
    Let me know you what more information....
  4. itsupport12 New Member

  5. satya Moderator

    I presented a talk in MS Tech-Ed NA & Europe about this topic, check for my 'upgrade best practices' in www.msteched.com site.
    As you are using side by side you have to follow the steps as if a new cluster is installed. Also the MSDTC configuration depends on the operating system (win2003 or 2008).

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