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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by priyaram, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. priyaram New Member

    in our sqlserver 2005 environment, all the databases are simple recovery model..
    how can i take a backup of these databases and how can i restore this..
    is there any special steps to follow for these type of backup and revocery..?
    if anybody let me know the steps of backing it up and recovery that would be a reat help for me..i looked into msdn and books online it's not very clear..
    thank for you help
  2. jason7655 New Member

  3. priyaram New Member

    i don't want to be a restore to be point in time..if anything happens to the database last night's backup would be fine for us...
    what i am looking for is , when i take a backup of simple recovery model of the database..
    is the backup command is same..
    and also while restoring is the restore comand is same like the full database restore..?/
    suppose there is yestarday nights backup- backup1, and the backup tonight backup2 will replace the backup 1 and while i need to restore a database tomorrow afternoon, if i restore backup 2 that is enought?
  4. jason7655 New Member

    If you are doing a full backup the answer is yes.
    In your situation, having a database that is in simple recovery mode has no bearing on the backup. A full backup of a simple-recovery model database will restore with the same restore command as a full backup of a full recovery-model database. If you are doing a full backup then backup 2 is sufficient to get you to last night.

    EDIT: I want to make sure that I mention I'm talking about a very basic restore command. If you are dealing with moving file locations or what not it's a little different.
  5. robkraft New Member

    You can use SQL Server Management Studio for backups and restores. SQL Server Express Edition does not come with a user interface for backup and restore, but you can download the express edition of it for free from Microsoft. You could also use this free easy program: http://www.simplesql.net.

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