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Slow Stored Procs:normal?

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Performance Tuning for DBAs' started by AMOURGH, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. AMOURGH Member

    Hello sql-server-perf,

    My team and i working on a project where there are a lot of dashboards(charts)(to see data

    evolution,percent(Pie chart)).
    to do this we used wpf components(exactly infragistics compoenents).

    the charts are binded by using classes calling stored procss returning huge sets of data).
    Stored prco
    so the pb is:

    those stored procs are doing dynamic calculation(with dates params):
    ex: from a startdate to an enddate ,visualize the evolution of a the measure X in time from a startdate to an enddate,visulize the distribustion(pie chart,%) of Z by region

    we have always a startdate and enddate but the number of the other params are dynamic(1 region,2 regions,...)

    so among those procs some need to finish :1 min and 5 s.

    Do you think this is normal?

    Do you think that using OLAP can help?!!

    Thanks for advance,

  2. RickNZ New Member

    It's impossible to say whether it's "normal." It completely depends on your data, schema, hardware, etc.
    Ditto with OLAP. In general, moving aggregation type queries to OLAP whenever possible is a good idea. However, the specifics depend on the details of your data and your queries.
    If you can post a copy of your schema and your SPs, it might possible to provide a more useful response.

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