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Software caused connection abort. The server terminated the connection

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 General Developer Questions' started by seemun, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. seemun New Member

    Hi, I have create a ADO middleware Server which running in the same machine with SQL server install. This ADO middleware is running as Windows Servces. When this services start, it will create 200 ADO connection to SQL Server. In other word, this ADO middleware server able to handle 200 user concurrent sent query to SQL Server. The problem is, sometime, the ADO middleware is hang and the last error we received from this ADO Middleware Is : “Software caused connection abort. The server terminated the connection. It is possible that the server has terminated. at on Port:25000” Can someone help me on this ? I am not sure where is the problem, it happened few time in a week. I am using SQL2005 Enterprise Edition ( AWE Enabled ) + Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with 32GB RAM. Please help !!!
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  3. melvinlusk Member

    I doubt it's network related since the services are running locally on the SQL box....but what protocol is the service using to access SQL? Is it using named pipes since it's running locally or TCP/IP?
    Is the error you're receiving thrown by some internal mechanism that you've included int he middleware, or is it showing up in the Event Viewer/SQL Server logs?

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