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SP4 on Cluster

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by Anil, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Anil New Member


    When I am installing SP4 on cluster envi, I got one pop up menu asking to "enter the name of an existing virtual server to upgrade".

    Any one have any idea how to get virtual server name?

    I post poned my installation due to this reason. Please can any one suggest?

    Anil Kumar
  2. sureshtp2sureshtp2 New Member


    Open the cluadmin and open the connection using any of the node.

    In SQL group,under the SQL Network Name and SQL Ip address, the SQL virtual name is mentioned in bracket as below:

    SQL Network Name(ABBB)

  3. Anil New Member

    Yes I already tried that option but no luck.

    Here is my error msg:

    One of the nodes of NT cluster are unavailable. Please run SQL server 2000 RTM setup to remove the unavailable nodes and then run Service pack 1 setup, or specify a diffrent virtual name.

    I am pausing the node1 and moved groups to another node and trying to apply SP4 to that node. Is this any effect on above error. Is it correct approach?

    FYI: My cluster is two node Active/Active cluster.

    Anil Kumar
  4. Argyle New Member

  5. Anil New Member

    Yes I had done SP4 installation withour pausing nodes...

    And its worked fine.

  6. Anil New Member

    Is any one had experience of SP4 upgradation on active/passive-active/passive 4 node cluster environment.

    I want exact steps how to upgrade because I don't want to take any chance on my production server.

    I doing some reading as well on this but I think your inputs are more valueable....

    Anil Kumar
  7. mulhall New Member

    AFAIK there are no special procedures for 4 node clusters. Apply one service pack per instance.
  8. Anil New Member


    I have reviewed sp4 released notes from microsoft. I got doubt at below mentioned point. Please any one help its urgent.

    Does anyone know what resources they're referring to in this statement?

    If any resources have been added with dependencies on SQL Server resources, those dependencies must either be removed or taken offline before you install SP4. If you do not remove the dependencies, the installation of SP4 will take those resources offline

    Thanks in advance.

    Anil Kumar
  9. Argyle New Member

    If you have added any other services in the sql cluster group, say a third party backup service then you need to remove any dependencies they might have to the sql server resource in that group.
  10. mulhall New Member

    A little off-topic, but looking at your original post; you have no business installing a service pack if you don't know the name of the SQL Server.

    Much less in a high availability situation that requires clustering. Ask a DBA to do it.

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