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    With regard to following statement:

    if an application needs to INSERT a large binary value into an image data column not using a stored procedure, it must convert the binary value to a character string (which doubles its size), and send it to SQL Server. When SQL Server receives it, it then must convert the character value back to the binary format. This is a lot of wasted overhead. A stored procedure eliminates this issue as parameter values stay in the binary format all the way from the application to SQL Server, reducing overhead and boosting performance.

    Can anyone tell me whether this is relevant when passing binary data types using sp_executesql? for example:

    exec sp_executesql N'UPDATE "XYZ".."DealControl" SET "Profiles"=@P1 WHERE "DealID"=@P21 N'@P1 image, 0x050000005E0200000200000000000

    Thanks in Advance.

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