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SQL 2000 SP3 installation on cluster

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by tina, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. tina New Member

    I face the following problem with the installation of SQL 2000 on a MS cluster:

    I installed SQL server 2000 with SP3 on the first node.
    I clustered the database and automatically the executables of SQL were installed to the second node, except the service pack 3. So finally the first node has SQL 2000 with SP3 and the second node has SQL 2000 and I was obliged to shutdown the second node.
    Now I want to update the SQL SP3 on the second node too .
    How shall I proceed ?

    Install the SP3 on the first node again and it will be automatically
    installed on the second node ?


    Install the SP3 on the second node directly? At this case the sql cluster resources
    must be located on the second node ?

    I appreciate a lot if anyone that has any experience on this problem would like to answer to me.
  2. mulhall New Member

  3. zvidas New Member

    You need one SP per virtual instance. If you have activeactive and pasive cluster you'll need two sp on two virtual sql server instances. Not physical servers!
  4. mulhall New Member

    I believe I already posted that info.
  5. Hexteque New Member

    I read the above posts but am still a little unclear as to the installation process of SP3A.

    I have an Active / Passive cluster that was running SQL 2000 SP3A on all nodes. The passive node had a massive failure requiring a format and re-install of Windows. I run SQL setup from the active node and select to install on the passive node. Will this install not only install SQL 2000 but also bring it up to SP3? Is there an easy way to verify this?

    Thank you in advance. This forum has been a great resource.

  6. Argyle New Member

    I would reapply SP3a to make sure the new node has the lates files.

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