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Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by relentlessone, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. relentlessone New Member

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    Users demand high performing applications. Application performance, in turn, depends on SQL performance. Since every developer builds SQL differently, there is a risk of writing bad code that can negatively impact application performance. SQL optimization is the answer. By optimizing SQL in development, you ensure that the applications you build will meet business, end-user and customer performance requirements quickly and efficiently.

    Find SQL in your souce code. Search an open file, a project, or even a whole solution.

    SQL is optimized in the background while you work.

    See performance gains by reviewing the gain report.

    The SQL is put back into the source code is came from.

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  2. Neo New Member

    Interesting post. You talk about performance and thought about how this type of product would be useful in an environment with your Quest Central suite. I was curious about separate web site for this product. Is there some sort of spin-off? Why the different location?


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  3. TherelentlessOne New Member

    You can get this product feature for Quest Central, but its a more complete, yet complex product. This product is specifically for the developer and keyed so even the most Jr. Developer will have the best written SQL. The reason we split to another site, is that we where developing a community site around the products, so that developers could communicated directly to the developers of this products.

    By the way we are now allowing you to try to product without leaving an email address.

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  4. Luis Martin Moderator

    I tested TOAD, now I'll try this one.

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